Main Towns of Ithaca

The island of Ithaca is the second smallest of the Ionian Islands. It is roughly 37 square miles (or 96 square kilometers). The population is roughly 3500 inhabitants. The island is located to the northeast coast of Kefalonia. The historical origins of the name Ithaca can be traced to the Ancient Greek poem, The Odyssey by Homer, where the island home of Odysseus is named Ithaca. Some olive oil, wine and currants are produced on the island, but most other produce must be imported due to its lack of arable land. The port of the island is Itháki (Vathý). Itháki is well protected, being that it is situated in a horseshoe shaped inlet in the bay. This is one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

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The municipality of Ithaca includes multiple other islands, with the main islands being Arkoudi, Atokos and the numerous islands located in the Echinades Islands group. The largest towns in Ithaca are Itháki, Perachóri, Stavrós, Platreithiá, and Kióni. Other main towns are Bathi, Agogi, Stavros, Exogi , Kioni, Platrithia, Lefki, Frikes, Perahori and Hani.

The capital of Ithaca is Bathi, which is located at the end of a bay on the south side of the island. It is picturesque with an old island church, an old Venetian fort and many archaeological sites. Located outside of town is the famed cave of Nymfon where, according to legend, Odysseus hid the presents of the Faiakes.

The town of Agogi is located on top of a mountain and has amazing waterfront views. Located nearby is the Monastery of Kathara. Stravos is located towards the northern part of the island and supposedly is the location of Homer’s Ithaca. 2nd millennium BC artifacts have been unearthed in Stravos. The town that is claimed to have the most spectacular mountainous views on the island is that of Exogi.

Kioni is recommended as one of the towns most worthy of visiting due to its beaches and lively marine life. The town of Frikes has retained its immense and everlasting charm. A fishing village with only 50 residents, it is home to amazing beaches and claimed to have infinite calmness.

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